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Cracked Heels Skin Care Range

Dry skin is a very common condition and it can lead to the painful problem of cracking and fissuring of the skin especially round the edge of the heels. In most people this is a nuisance and a cosmetic problem but when the fissures are deep, the skin bleeds easily and is usually very painful.

This condition is sometimes associated with wearing open backed shoes with the rim of the sole causing the irritation. These types of shoes should be avoided and daily use of a good foot cream with periodical gentle use of a foot dresser will help to keep the rough skin from forming.

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Copyright © 2017

Cracked Heels Treatments

125ml  £8.95

Cracked Skin - Gehwol Fusskraft Med Salve

Foot Cream - Caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin.

This cream contains essential oils, the skin vitamin panthenol and bisabolol which helps prevent cracks,

skin reddening and related conditions.

Product Code 49205 125ml ONLY £8.95

Dry & Itchy Legs - Gehwol Leg Balm

Callus Removal Sponge.
• Large-pored mineral callus sponge.

• Designed for the gentle removing dry skin, corns and callus.
1 x Gehwol Sponge Callus Removers ONLY £3.95
5 x Gehwol Sponge Callus Removers ONLY £16.95

Callus Sander